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How to heal yourself from addictions, stress, pain and other health problems without drugs, surgery or huge financial costs

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Have you ever tried to stop smoking, but found it all too difficult when you hit a rocky patch? Perhaps you've tried different weight management options, only to once again stack on all that weight you lost, and more. Maybe you are seeking alternatives for effective pain management which doesn't require you to take expensive medication.





 Allow us to introduce you to a healthy, non invasive, medicine and pain free method to help reduce your depression; normalize your sleep patterns; manage your anxiety, panic attacks, fear of flying or other common phobias and teach you how to obtain significant stress relief

It's a method that uses the latest in relaxation technology based on the emerging science of mind-body medicine. This field recognizes that for Australians to regain control of their lives, both the mind and body must work in synchronization with one another.

This innovative, advanced form of hypnotherapy is used in hospitals, medical centres and counselling clinics across the country. Most importantly, it is scientifically researched and clinically proven to work. Additionally, the therapy is delivered by a medical device registered with the Therapeutic Goods Association and is supported by qualified health professionals and can be combined with counselling therapy.

So what is different about the hypnotherapy that is used in Virtual Reality Therapy. Most significantly, Virtual Reality Therapy uses a combination of several different therapies rolled into one package and dispensed at the same time. Those therapies include, hypnotherapy, subliminal messaging, guided imagery, colour and music therapy. Additionally you are guided throughout the process by your skilled and registered mental health professional combined with counselling therapy. This hypnotherapy has a successful track record for people who want to stop smoking, are looking for help or assistance with their weight management, coping with life changes, pain management, anxiety, stress, depression or other health issues.

So what is it that makes Virtual Reality Therapy different from traditional hypnotherapy? Virtual Reality Therapy works with both your conscious and subconscious mind. Basically it advances the development of new neurological pathways in your brain so that you are able to make better choices and achieve the healthy lifestyle you've always wanted. It helps to reprogram your thinking - about why you do things - instead of just taking care of the symptoms. For example, if you want to stop smoking, Virtual Reality Therapy helps to revolutionize your habits and not just deal with your cravings. With the assistance of your skilled practitioner, you can align your conscious and subconscious brain transforming your habit to achieve permanent lifelong change. This empowering combination gives you the greatest chance of success.

What's more you don't need a referral to see one of our practitioners, although it's a good idea to chat to your doctor before embarking on any weight management program.

The cost for treatment is realistic and in the long term, Virtual Reality Therapy can help you save money as you cut out the expense of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol, gambling or weight loss products. For instance, the average smoker smokes 20 cigarettes per day. This equates to approximately $78 per week. Quitting smoking can save you around $4000 per year.

Click on the links below for further information on the different areas in which Virtual Reality Therapy can help you:

Assisting treatment of:
Acute and post traumatic stress disorders Psychoimmunology
Addiction Psycho-oncology symptoms
Anxiety Psychosomatic disorders
Coping with life changes Self image
Depression Sleep disorders
Latent viral infections Stop Smoking
Pain management Stress
Panic Weight Management
Performance anxiety  







To experience the benefits of Virtual Reality Therapy™, refer to our directory of clinics to find a suitable practitioner in your area or call 1800 667 246 (1800 NO PAIN) for more information.



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